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WynnesOfIreland was originally intended as a place to host any information about the Wynne families of Ireland, including my family tree and the ongoing research that I am doing on my family lines.

The crest to the left belongs to the Wynne family of Sligo
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    Matches 1 to 50 of 269 for Tree equals My Family

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     #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
    1 F91
     McInerney, Francis   My Family 
    2 F777
     Colman, Mary   My Family 
    3 F688
    Darcy Neylon, Chris   My Family 
    4 F657
    Addy, John Kelly, Anne Marie   My Family 
    5 F286
    Alliat, Tarik Radley, (Confidential)   My Family 
    6 F103
    Barton, (Confidential) Shelia   My Family 
    7 F21
    Barton, (Confidential) Flood, (Confidential)   My Family 
    8 F94
    Barton, James UNNAMED Nov   My Family 
    9 F83
    Barton, James Conley, Agnes   My Family 
    10 F55
    Barton, James (Confidential)   My Family 
    11 F84
    Barton, James Dillon, Bridgid 3 Jul 1855 Broadford Parish, Co. Clare, Ireland  My Family 
    12 F66
    Barton, James McNamara, Mary 16 Feb 1865 Roman Catholic of Chapel of Kilmore, Bridgetown, Union of Limerick, Co. Clare, Ireland  My Family 
    13 F37
    Barton, John (Patrick) Slattery, Mary   My Family 
    14 F169
    Barton, Joseph    My Family 
    15 F96
    Barton, Martin A. Keenan, Veronica   My Family 
    16 F73
    Barton, Patrick Crowe, Margaret 14 Feb 1888 Roman Catholic of Chapel of Kilmore, Bridgetown, Union of Limerick, Co. Clare, Ireland  My Family 
    17 F104
    Barton, William (Confidential)   My Family 
    18 F394
    Baskerville, James Hyland, Mary Anne   My Family 
    19 F393
    Baskerville, John Joseph McInerney, Louisa 23 Jul 1893 St Peter & Pauls Cathedral, Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland  My Family 
    20 F830
    Boady, William /Foley Hogan, Mary   My Family 
    21 F59
    Bremhorst, Klaus Meehan, (Confidential)   My Family 
    22 F452
    Brien, Michael Dillon, Catharina   My Family 
    23 F578
    Burke, Eamonn O’Malley, Marie   My Family 
    24 F730
    Burke, John O’Brien, Margaret   My Family 
    25 F422
    Burley, Richard Eliza   My Family 
    26 F605
    Burton, Ron O’Malley, Christine (Christy)   My Family 
    27 F109
    Byrne, (Confidential) May   My Family 
    28 F531
    Byrne, Andrew Clinch, Anne Nov 1833 Suncroft, Co Kildare, Ireland  My Family 
    29 F183
    Byrne, Ben Porter, Annie 1918  My Family 
    30 F532
    Byrne, Edward Elenor   My Family 
    31 F22
    Byrne, Francis McGrane, Margaret Abt 1871  My Family 
    32 F543
    Byrne, Francis Drennan, Maryanne 18 May 1896 St Agathas Church, Dublin, Ireland  My Family 
    33 F56
    Byrne, James O’Neill, Helena Mary [Lena]   My Family 
    34 F5
    Byrne, James Quayle, Maisie   My Family 
    35 F88
    Byrne, James Devine, Christina 29 Aug 1897 St. Laurence O'Toole Church, Seville Place, North Wall, Dublin 1, Ireland  My Family 
    36 F79
    Byrne, Jeramiah Coyle, (Confidential)   My Family 
    37 F35
    Byrne, John Cummins, Alice   My Family 
    38 F526
    Byrne, John Leahy, Alicia   My Family 
    39 F525
    Byrne, Micheal Mahon, Elizabeth Mary   My Family 
    40 F542
    Byrne, Myles Bethel, Elizabeth 1897  My Family 
    41 F130
    Byrne, Paul McDuff, Kathleen 1916  My Family 
    42 F672
    Carpenter, B Coffey, Nan   My Family 
    43 F69
    Carroll, David Cummins, Catherine   My Family 
    44 F414
    Carroll, James Molyneux, Anne 7 Nov 1886 St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland  My Family 
    45 F154
    Carroll, John Asher, Selina 27 Feb 1914 St Marys Cathedral, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England  My Family 
    46 F413
    Carroll, Maurice Frazer, Mary Anne 9 Feb 1859 St Nicholas, Dublin, Ireland  My Family 
    47 F87
    Carroll, Maurice Ratcliffe, Ann 22 Aug 1869 Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland  My Family 
    48 F825
    Cleary, Thomas    My Family 
    49 F92
    Clune, Paddy Barton, Elizabeth 2 Jul 1918 St Josephs’ Church, Limerick, Ireland  My Family 
    50 F495
    Clune, Patrick    My Family 

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